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HISTORY Back in 1995, based in De Balie at night special shows in three venues: Club Escape, Paradiso, and Melkweg, ADE was started as a three-day conference. As a matter of fact, ADE was attended by 300 delegates with thirty DJs performing. Different from back then, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) today is a five-day electronic […]

Tools All-Independent Artists Should Use

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The internet has a lot of free tools that independent artists can use. Especially ones that don’t have help from entire crew or don’t have a budget at all. We suggest a list of tools that all independent artists should use! Tools to Get to Know Your Fans It’s very important for you as an […]

Being Self-Disciplined as an Electronic Music Artist

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Most of the people would say that the life of an electronic music artist is very easy because it’s all about glamour and fun. But that’s only from outside, a real and dedicated electronic artist is more concerned about manufacturing the beautiful rhythms and the right sounds. Their attention is definitely not to the tempting […]

Spotify announce the playlist best of the best 36 tracks of the Year 2017

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The biggest impact on dance music in 2017 is the following 36 tracks, the choice is based on everyone who participates in the survey. Tracks are from the best DJs of the Year and Stars of the Year. The choice is made by Spotify, and the best tracks you can find here. We hope you […]

6 Tips How To Start a Successful Music Label

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If you are thinking of starting a record label or even you have one already, we are suggesting these short, but proven tips that can help inspire you while starting or running your own music 1 – Get Down to Business. Don’t Hesitate First, you must ask yourself a few simple questions like “Am I […]