April 28, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski

Avicii’s death is a certain wake-up call for many DJs all around the world. In the last couple of weeks, the people in the music industry were stunned and crumbled before the awful news that hit the whole world. The latest interviews with his parents indicate that the popular DJ wanted to take his own life. On the other hand, it is already confirmed that he had a drinking problem. The autopsy of his body confirmed that the Swedish musician was a person who abused substances. On the other hand, there were indications too, that the 28-year-old DJ lost his…

January 18, 2018 Old School Magazine

Electronic Music Today we are all aware that the electronic music genre has become one of the most influential genres in the music industry all over the world. Not to mention, the way electronic music is purchased and streamed, and especially the way how people really enjoy the Dj live sets. Also, this genre comes with its own culture, the culture that’s sweeping the nation! Electronic Music Fans Friday, Saturday and even Sunday are the days when electronic music fans live. Literally, they live for the weekends. The great parties and raves are happening on Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday….