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Let’s focus on something that truly matters now! Well, after being ‘obsessed’ with the philosophy, roots, essence and meaning of music, creation, production and expression, we are now going to focus on the ‘hard’ things.

When we use this word we refer to the material things. Because we want to help all of those who dream of becoming DJs/Producers, we will share the piece of advice that is among the crucial ones: you need good gear to be succesful.

Of course, the understanding of music, the style, charisma, way of thinking and way of expression- those are unique and permanent things for each individual, but when it comes to making modern quality music you need a good equipment too and it doest matter.

The headphones play vital role, especially during gigs. Having a good quality sound is essential in this job, being focused and precise- it does matter a lot too. If you have good headphones and you know what you’re doing, you will certainly prevent unpleasant situations that may ruin your reputation.

In this article, we share the latest best DJ headphones on the market. Let’s take a look:

1. Sennheiser HD8 DJ


These are the awesome new headphones released in the series by Senheiser. The original Sennheiser HD 25s are already praised as the ‘classic’ DJ headphones and are considered to be useful and all-around headphones that reached big popularity even above the world of DJs. Their new model, HD8 DJ is probably their best version from the new innovations. It is a solid construction of metal (predominantly) and has great accessories that secure good gigging. They give a smooth performance for beatmatching and mixing and has an exceptionally clear bass perfect.

Price: US $ 299

2. Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2


Pioneer headphones are also popular, especially the HDJ models. However, the pinnacle of DJ monitoring, at least as far as the Japanese company is concerned, is the flagship HDJ-2000MK2. It’s sleek, is incredibly sturdy, and comes with the premium trappings you’d expect from a top-shelf model, including a zippered case and detachable headphone cables. This model gives one of the clearest sounds you’ll ever hear because they have the perfect sound isolation. These headphones are ideal even for the noisest of clubs environments and will do a great job if you are in a closed club or in a place with bad sound systems.

Price: US $349

3. Sennheiser HD 25 Plus

HD-25 plus

This is not part of the innovation series of the Sennheiser machinery. However, it is a pure example of classical ‘art’ when it comes to producing quality headphones for DJing. The Sennheiser HD25plus are the latest variation of the most popular Senheiser HD 25. The new model has all of it’s classic features improved and comes with a carrying puch, extra coiled cable to avoid snags in the DJ booth, extra velour earpads etc. They are big and not so easy to use for beginners, but still, they are the perfect example of quality in industry standards. Very solid and not very expensive.

Price: US $199

4. TMA-2 Modular Headphone System


The TMA headphones are certainly representing the evolution in the world of headphones. The first introduction of the original TMA-1 by AIAIAI was widely pronounced as the arival of new standards. This company makes great prices for their great quality. This is one more reason why TMA are becoming more and mor popular. The design is classic, the TMA-2 model also has the same look as the TMA-1 but it allows you to choose your own components and leave your own mark in the headphones you’re buying. AIAIAI lets you modulate your own headphones according to your needs. This makes the TMA-2 another revolutionary discovery by AIAIAI, especially because of the interesting price combined with the quality and opportunities given.

Pice: US$145

5. RCF Iconica By Benny Benassi

RCF -iconica-dj-headphones

Another example of solid headphones. This brand is popular since the eighties, but now this specific model is expected to show the finesse of Benny Benassi. This model is very compact and simple, it has an extra modern on-ear design and comes in different colors: white, pepper black and bronze-black mix. It comes with zippered clamshell case, cables and remote and, also, coiled-end cable. The price is also very friendly and acceptable.

Price: US $178

Source: DigitalDJTips