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Well, this is one of the most popular topic these days. In our recent tutorial articles, we pay attention to the modern ways of connecting, promoting, creating and existing in the world of DJs and producers, but this time we will talk more about the old ways and how useful they actually are.

First of all, the fan base. If you passed all of the first steps in becoming a DJ, then you already have some experience and know what you’re doing. However, the old ways of promoting yourself require a lot of talent, sacrifices, involvement and dedication.

First of all, you have to get involved at your local music haunt. Creating ‘old school networks’ is something that lasts for a lifetime and gives a true perspective if you want to truly succeed and become popular.

Record stores, for example, were the temples of all DJs back at the time. You should find this kind of places where DJs meet and there is a whole lot of equipment, gear, and topics for discussion. The improvement of your skills and preparing the right mindset, as we said many times before, in this profession depends on your collaboration with other professionals, among the other stuff.

Be aware that if you collaborate with an older, more experienced and skillful DJ, you have the perfect opportunity to learn and develop everything that defines your style and way of creating and playing music.

This brings us to the second part of the story: permanent connection with other DJs in real life. Meet the people with the same interests in your part of the city or the area where you live. That is a perfect way to share your influence and be part of music events.

Another important old-schoold thing is the HARDWARE. Almost nobody cares about the old days of vynil. The hard form of your work and respecting the tradition will define you as an ‘elite’ and also will tell how serious you are about your job. In Europe, for example, the great metropolis areas like London, Berlin or Paris still have huge vynil shops and those places are still temples of the modern quality music.

This way of acting and thinking, of course, is not going to make you a star overnight, but it is one of the crucial components of becoming a succesful DJ. Having the ‘old-school’ mindset and also using all latest methods will make you colorful and more attractive for the audience. Also, this way of functioning certainly secures a loyal fanbase of people who truly love and understand music.

Source: DigitalDJtips