April 9, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

We’re back and we’re going to answer one of the most important questions for every DJ/producer. Releasing new single is always a great challenge, despite if you are a beginner or a pro. Even the greatest professionals in the business are being anxious and uncertain before releasing a track.

You can never know what your next single could bring. It could change your whole life completely and effectively. Well, the ‘circle of life’ is turbulent, but only the strongest, most determined and dedicated will reach the heights of this profession. In this article, we share the 9 things to do before releasing your next single. The good preparation is halfway to great success.

1. Create a plan

This is what you have to do first. Try to create always at least 3-month-plan and follow it. Try to include everything in your plan, try to predict even the worst and the best things that could happen. Being prepared for everything will make you able to use the full capacity of your intelligence to solve every issue.

2. Plan your debut

The crucial part of your plan is the debut. Be careful, is not always the best decision to use the most ‘shiny’ and glamorous place, but the place with the greatest audience. Meanwhile, use your blogs, web sites, social media- make it a true ‘outburst’ and be patient. Let the audience judge first.

3. Define your narrative

Your unique and strong narrative will make the audience judge ‘better’. Your way of communication with your fan base is one of the main components to your way to success.

4. Pick your distribution methods

Like we already said when we talked about the promotion, use ALL sources possible for your succesful distribution whether it’s Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, SoundCloud, etc.

5. Register your work

Be sure to register and protect your work and your trade rights. You can never know who can attack your property or try to sabotage your work. Being secured and protected will safe you a whole lot of nerves, time and money.

6. Make a clean version of your single

Always have a couple of different versions of your single. Be aware that sometimes your music may involve explicit elements. Make a clean version, just in case!

7. Create your visuals and marketing materials

This will bring you a certain success. Creating your own label is what is going to make you a true representative of your own talent, creativity and inner-self. Be as creative as possible and always leave your mark on your visuals, something that defines your personality and mindset.

Source: SymphonicD