April 2, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

We continue with our simple guide for all of you folks that want to make a career working as a DJ/producer. Things can sometimes get rusty when you are focused on ending a long mix well.

In the past, DJs truly struggled with their mixing. The technology back then was incomparable to the opportunities given by the modern technology. Now, all of us have the chance to improve, grow and become better in all aspects of music production.

The best advice to improve your mix is to check all of the details. Be careful, some details may seem overwhelming for you, but in fact, those small details play the crucial role. Your compression, EQ, send effects etc; could be just the beginning of your ‘problem’. The solution lies inside of your head, your creativity, talents, and determination.

Automation is simple. You just have to follow your style and find effective ways to fill the space. For example, your mid-mix blues is introducing a musical interaction between all your tracks. Mix automation is the process of recording adjustments to parameters across the timeline of a mix. Automation can be applied to several parameters of your mix, but the most common are gain and effects.

To be successful in DJing you have to follow the timeline and each small particle could mean a ‘revolution’ in your style and the way you see music.

In the second part of this story, we will be focused more on the basics and practical changes that you can apply directly to your mix. There are just a couple of simple rules that you should follow and all beginners will be amazed how simple it could be.

If you are already skilled, then you should focus more on the smallest details and, of course, the taste of your audience. Finding balance and compromise in focusing the smallest particles and making risky changes is what ‘creates’ a successful DJ.


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