March 31, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

Being humble and easy-going is something that will help you be a great producer and DJ, especially when it comes to organizing events.

In our previous articles, we mentioned that being active on the social media is of a crucial importance for being a successful DJ or producer. Micro income streams, quality content, various offers and close approach is what is going to make you financially stable and completely able to invest more in your business and grow as a musician. On the other hand, establishing a permanent connection is a ‘goldmine’ that will trace your road to true success.

The social media is what you always begin with. As you already noticed through this guide, being active and popular on the social media and running successful and professional websites is what your business is based on.

Because of that, we will try to explain how should you invite your audience and make your fans follow your ‘way’. Being constantly active with events, gigs and other community/social groupings will let you open many gates to success and growth.

The simple pieces of advice are very practical. If you already followed the previous steps, you’ve already established a solid facebook/Instagram/twitter fan pages and you have your fan base.

The next step is to get the fans on your list. Start creating lists, start being creative and inquisitive. Try to pay attention to each of your fans, as much as possible. The way you send your invitations and the nature of your communication could determine the relationship between yourself and other individuals.

Be always sure to follow the rules of the country as well as the tradition where the gig is happening. Try to be always connected with the culture you are supposed to express yourself in front of. Creating humble emails and being warm, polite and precise is the key for success.

Being humble means being available and well informed, of course, means knowing how to be direct, but empathic and compassionate with your fans. Selling tickets and organizing events require a lot of effort, patience and dedication, is not as easy as it sounds!

Having a simple newsletter is another milestone you have to reach. Be aware that keeping your fans informed is one of the components of your ‘persuasion’ which tells you are a true professional who is going to keep consistency and responsibility.