March 28, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

This is one of the favorite topics! How to establish a perfect and permanent bonding between you and your audience is something that describes how unique and creative you are and, also, how capable you are in dealing with every kind of social situation.

Some of you may think that being a ‘star’ or a popular DJ means that everybody loves you, you’re recognized and respected etc. Well, the things are not quite like that. The music style that determines your artistic personality, first of all, will always be popular to a certain group of people. Second, your way of communication and expression may become your strongest weapon that could be used to boost your gigs or attract positive attention.

In this article, we will share some useful tips how to establish a strong connection between you and your (potential) audience. Before we start we have to mention that you must be self-confident and feel relaxed ‘in your skin’. If you produce and mix music, if you already start orchestrating or being part of gigs, it means you already are ‘someone’ and you are good!


Try to moderate! Most of us know how hard it is to make compromises, especially when something is not close to your basic ideas, but success requires a lot of moderation and inquisitive mind. You have to try new things and you must discover what the audience likes. Be aware that you will be, almost never, able to please the whole crowd, but you can always make superb positive energy that will make at least half of the people go wild on the dancefloor.

As long as you gain enough experience, you will know how to behave, when to take the mic, when to ‘joke’ with the bass etc. However, you should always stick to your originality and independent style- if someone came to your gig, it means they love the way you express in your music.


This is another important segment- you must be part of the community and focus on building a reputation of easy-going and sociable DJ. This is always a good start. Use your social media profiles to see what your audience appreciates and what is your strongest ‘side’.

Be determined to remain ‘grounded’ and always respect your fans. Engaging in communication is also a good thing, but it depends if you have enough time and space in your schedule to do it.


Watch your manners and have your patterns of cultural and smart behaving while you’re on the scene. Don’t dare to make full our of yourself or show any kind of irresponsibility or immaturity in front of your crown. Also, try to always be a good diplomat. Sometimes you will have to reject gigs, fans, producers, THINGS! Try to be respectful and protect your own reputation as well as your interests.

In the end, the last advice is to always keep connected to your audience. Try to meet as many people as possible, try to open as many ‘gates’ as you approach and remember that you are a fan too!

Source: DigitalDJtips