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Experienced DJs with years of practical knowledge may still have issues working on a track perfectly. Each record is unique and requires a lot of attention, determination, and love, but you need to be precise and focused.

The track’s bass plays an important role in the whole story of making and playing ‘the perfect track’. You need to make serious measures of all things, sound selections, synthesis, mixing, arrangements and promotions- all of it requires to know how to set the bass right.

Experienced producers and DJs use some simple tricks and hints to improve their performance and have the perfect bass. Here are some of those tricks:

1. Micro-manage your mix for maximum bass

This is a great advice for a perfect kick and bass combination. It may seem too boring and complicated, but you have to know that the perfect balance of all features plays the major role in defining the track and enabling good flow and precise elements in each segment of the track.

2. Get in key

This is something that you must do. First, you need to perform good monitoring and, after, throw a saturation plugging on the kick, overdrive it to hell and bloat the audition, tonal timbre against the melodic parts in your track.

3. Find a compromise between loudness and weight

This is important for the listeners. The sub bass is dangerous for the headroom and all genres require pa attention on this component. There is a simple rule that says- don’t make extra loud the track’s sub frequencies. You will be limited what and how much you can apply before the distortion.

5. Assess low-end interactions in the moment

Use bax mixing devices to improve the tricks.

Source: MusicRadarMaking tricks with bass will let you develop your whole style and make you more decisive, especially in playing live music. Try to kick the bass and pass-filter your bassline to sit above.

Source: MusicRadar