March 26, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

The UK government is struggling with deaths on gigs and massive parties because of rising drug epidemy. Like we already said in one of our recent articles, we completely respect each person’s individuality and everyone should be free to make an independent decision and to have the freedom to choose.

However, it seems that dangerous drugs are an issue though. In some countries, there is a serious drug epidemy. For instance, in the UK only, the government is searching for a radical solution to stop the ‘plague’.

As ResidentAdvisor report in their recent article, the ecstasy and cocaine-related deaths are making the really harsh and someone needs to take responsibility and action immediately. These are the numbers behind this dangerous habit:

Ecstasy-related deaths in England and Wales have increased sixfold since 2010, the report says, with 63 fatalities recorded in 2016. (In the same period, the increase in Scotland was from one to 28.) Deaths linked to cocaine rose threefold in England and Wales, from 112 to 371, from 2011 through 2016, and quadrupled in Scotland, from 36 to 123, in the same five-year span. Overall prevalence rates among UK adults for cocaine and ecstasy use have remained largely consistent since 2010. The report points to several factors—increased substance purity, the changing nature of drugs supply and consumption, and inadequate access to information about harm reduction—that have all helped increase the risk to clubbers.


The mindset of too many young people is making their lives a living horror. We mentioned that each one of us makes decisions and takes responsibility, but most of us are manipulated to open the gates to the place where is really hard to get back from.


However, the UK government is focused to find a permanent and rapid solution to this issue. The officials show interest to investigate these suspicious cases of an overdose on parties and find out who stands behind them. You need to be aware of the fact that drug dealers often sell poisonous chemicals and drugs that have something more than what they are trying to sell.