March 24, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

Many people are struggling to keep their DJing gear in the best possible shape and condition. It is very hard to pay attention to every small detail, especially if you have a turbulent and dynamic lifestyle. It is hard to be that much cautious even if you’re just a guitarist, not to mention having so many things in your backpack.

DJs who are often on the move ask this question: is it ok to keep your music gear in a cold place? Well, this is an interesting question. Many DJs, especially during the winter, come late from gigs or leave their gear or some parts of it, in the trunks of their cars. Well, sometimes being little lazy could cost you a lot.

Actually, the main issue has nothing to do with the cold, or at least not so much. The moisture is what represents the true issue. For an example, if you move your gear often during the winter it could result in unpleasant moisture that could damage your gear.

The worst case is if you move it from a colder to a warmer place or humid environment. The moisture rots the internals of your gear and may often lead to serious electrical issues. So, the best advice possible- be fast and take care of your stuff. Ask someone to help you if you have to, but still try to move everything as fast as possible and clean the visible moisture.

However, when we already talk about this, too hot is also a bad option. During the summer, for instance, DJs do the same- it happens to leave their gear in their cars or in rooms without air conditioning. Be aware that the internals of your gear are extremely soft. There are many small particles made of plastic or other materials that don’t need high temperature to get damaged.

This is what Joe Santos says, as easy as it sounds:

As much as possible, bring in your DJ kit when you get home from a show. This saves your gear from being exposed to potentially harsh weather and temperature conditions, plus they’re also being stored in a more secure area. This also gives you a chance to do a proper cleanup and wipe down of your gear so they’re fresh and ready for your next gig.

Source: DigitalDJTips