March 23, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

We continue with our tutorial- how to become a DJ/producer! This is another milestone that is going to open the gates to success. In our recent tutorial articles, we explained the significance of the importance of the social media and the others websites, blogs, vlogs and everything that will help you promote yourself, create a good advertising program and trace the way to securing gigs, work-projects etc.

In this article, we are going to talk about Youtube. Youtube, want it or not, is the most important part of the job. This popular site became the worlds most precious vault of videos and, if you want to seriously begin working as a DJ/producer, you MUST secure a better place in the Youtube community. There is a huge competition among many. Why? Well, to be honest, if you promote yourself good and if you use the right tools at the right time, you can earn a true fortune just from your youtube videos and playlists.

The most important thing in this part of the job is QUALITY. QUALITY COMES FIRST AND ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE!

This is the imperative that is supposed to guide you constantly while you create your videos for your Youtube channel. So, if you want to succeed, use your burst of creativity, but try to be as precise as possible. Try to seek you own ‘perfection’.

Be fully aware that Youtube is a serious company that pays very well and values true art, creativity and open-mindedness. You must prioritize quality and use the right tools for your special music style. Try to consult a professional that will provide you with the best scripts that will fit your ideas of how you want to design your videos and profile.

Try to be original and use nice designs. Use your trademarks and try to leave a permanent mark in the Youtube world. Boost your videos with adverts and, if possible, try to sponsor some of your videos.

The true success is visible when you pair your social media profiles with your Youtube profile. Also, insert plugins that lead to your business websites. This simple ‘net’ makes miracles. Try it!