March 22, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

This certainly is one of the greatest ‘dogmas’ in the world of GIGS. Well, as you already know, we always try to be as objective and factual as possible, so we will just try to observe the things from an independent angle.

All of the people in the world deserve to have the freedom of choice. Every single one of us needs to think with his/her own head. Drugs exist, as well as many other stimulants that are going to make your party ‘unforgettable’. Some people even experience spiritual enlightenment or various strong, unknown emotions or visions due to the perfect combo of their supplement and the power of music.

On the other hand, the power of music is naturally one of the strongest ‘drugs’ that exist on Earth. Music can make you tremble or give you the chills. Music, out of all arts, is definitely the most abstract and has the strongest psychological effect on our body and spirit. This gives a clear answer to the question- you can have the best gig possible without consuming any supplement, either alcohol or drugs.

This ‘dilemma’ is actually solved that way. The individuality of each human spirits and the power of art ( music) offer billions of options and possibilities. Each person is walking unique lifepath and each person makes unique decisions. On the other hand, the society has some special normative and set of rules that we ought to follow.

Anyway, taking responsibility for your actions is crucial if you decide to be a little bit more ‘wild’ than you’re supposed to, or, at least, legally ‘supposed to’. Be always responsible and, despite everything, value the music and the DJ playing, show respect and enjoy the ride. Also, for those who decide not to take stimulants on gigs- try not to be judgmental and share your views and knowledge about music, exchange different experience!