March 22, 2018 Kliment Gjorgoski 0Comment

One of the most ‘painful’ topics for all DJs is should they or should they not take risks. It is not simple to answer this question, though. However, there are some quite interesting aspects that offer us a good chance to observe the whole ‘issue’ about DJ-ing and taking risks.

Most of the DJs don’t really want to be the victim of ‘sonic slashes’, nor they want to ruin their best mix by some simple mistake that should’ve been the ‘pearl’ of their own creativity. Some stick to a permanent scheme, pattern, playing just the top 20 songs and ignoring everything else, just because it’s safety to play that way. Safety? What does it really mean?

Well, if you look at DJ-ing as only a business and not ART (what it truly is), you won’t ever reach the heights of this profession. The same applies when being a music producer. First of all, you should know that being different means being unique. Being different is not a bad stuff, especially not in the world of music where originality is closely connected to success.

However, we should be focused more on the other side of the story- the audience. It’s so easy to talk about originality, creativity and taking risks, but, there is one crucial component in the whole story called AUDIENCE. The audience is the judge and they both give or take away.

Very often DJs try to completely satisfy the audience and they remain trapped in their own monotony forever. Some others try to be creative and take risks, meanwhile neglecting their audience. This ‘meanwhile’ means changing the style, becoming less popular and, in some cases, ruining your whole career as a DJ.

The best advice possible is to find BALANCE. You MUST take care of your audience- they come to your gigs because they like your style and they want to see you performing live. They want to enjoy the party with their favorite hits. On the other hand, if you don’t try new original things you will be just another ‘temporary excitement’ and you will be forgotten. Taking risks means growing as a DJ and as a person too.

Be fully aware that you will fail sometimes, but if you are smart and talented enough, you will find the balance. The key is in bonding with your audience. GET ON THE MIC!!!

Hey, that’s what all fans love! Try to show the humoristic side of your personality, make them feel important, show them that you love them and care about them- be HUMAN as much as possible when you are on the stage. This will make you feel confident enough to try something new, so even if you fail, your attempt will be valued by the audience because of your approach and mutual respect.

Another good advice to become better and start taking risks more often is trying different styles. Try mixing things, go to the next level- you won’t regret. When you work fully committed and use your whole creativity that is not WASTED TIME. Try working on these ‘little projects’ of trying new styles and mixing them together. The social media networks and your web promotions should help you check out how the audience reacts. You may be completely amazed, that’s why you should take risks! The great DJs are not BORN that way, they took risks and fought hard, experimented, but most important, they had faith, courage, and self-confidence.