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In our previous article, we answered one of the most troubling questions in the world of DJ-ing: Is it OK to accept low-budget gigs? Like in many other articles, in that one we also mentioned how important it is to have a successful social-media advertising.


For some people, having a successful web-site, blog, and facebook page means having a successful business and making a huge progress when it comes to self-promotion and building a good reputation.


In this article, we will be focused more on the strongest social media site of them all- facebook. We use the term ‘strong’ because of many aspects. First of all, facebook is a global giant, more popular than any other social media network, which means includes much more audience than any other social network.


Next, facebook has awesome features that will enable yourself to start a REAL business with modern advertising. If you remember well, Donald Trump, the president of the USA, has won the election mostly because of his popularity on this social network. Is just as simple as that- facebook is important medium and certainly one of the most important fragments in the lives of man( sad, but true!).


Here are some useful tricks how to begin promoting yourself on your facebook page and, of course, supercharging your reputation.


1. Fill up your Facebook Page



Make sure that all valuable information are included! This is a rule of extreme importance. You MUST give your audience all the info they need. You have to be easy to reach and your ‘About’ section needs to have everything put in order. This is your responsibility. Fill your page with your best pictures and try to give them a ‘taste’ of your skills. Share your good playlists and tracks, be always active with events etc. Is also good to share your own views and opinion on music, gigs, world. Many people may be actually charmed by your personality and charisma at first sight.


2. Follow the Rule of Thirds




This is the most important rule. As we already said, facebook makes advertising miracles, so you need to boost yourself on this social media network. First, you need to promote your page, get as many likes as possible, even if it requires a small investment. If you are ready to invest more, don’t be afraid, but still, be patient and go step by step. After you promote your page using paid adverts, you can start sharing your posts. Try sharing on different social medias and your other personal profiles. Shares will play crucial rule when your reach a large fan base. Engaging is the part of the job where you need to establish a connection with the fans. Be always aware that you will have to respond to fans and engage conversations. Remember, you must never act pompous- be patient and try to listen to everybody, you can never know what kind of offer could strike you out of nowhere.


3. Dedicate time and emulate other DJ pages


To use(work with) facebook and expecting to succeed means being frequently active on your facebook page, sharing posts, doing as much as you can. When you become active and slightly popular, you will have to establish connections and ‘pair’ your page with other pages of more popular and successful DJs. Do not be afraid to engage, like we already said, because you may just open a hidden gate to success. Becoming part of the ‘DJ community’ will give you a whole bunch of information and even new opportunities to grow as a musician/producer.



Source: DigitalDJTips