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To be a DJ is not just a pleasure, satisfaction or success, but it’s pure responsibility, dedication, and love. When we fall in love, we are eligible for making radical changes. When we are madly in love we are able to change the whole world. That’s why you should use the power of love to create more, stay ambitious and determined, and, of course, never give up!

This is the second part of our edition- HOW TO BECOME A DJ. This is the ‘second step’ of your development and growth as a DJ. The main topic of this article is to NEVER GIVE UP and the second step will teach you how to get noticed online. These two things are pretty much connected- giving up and being noticed online. Be aware that so many people (very talented and hardworking) decide to give up on their dreams just because they are not able to promote themselves well on the social media and the internet websites.

For people who are not well informed, this could be a living horror. Many DJs are struggling to succeed in global rankings just because they don’t know how to sell their product and get noticed.

So, in the ‘first step’ article we shared good pieces of advice how to begin the ‘journey’. You could execute the tasks from the first step well, but almost everybody does. Not giving up and being noticed is the true milestone. You need to be aware that there are hundreds of thousands of DJs all around the world. You have a competition, which means you need to PRODUCE MORE and ADVERTISE MORE.

You should know that quality is what really matters, but sometimes quantity could help you get noticed easier. This is what should you do:

1. Put out a mixtape series

You don’t need to mention that you already have your own mixtape, we are aware of it. Every DJ has mixtapes and even series of various combinations of sound. However, the true ‘mastery’ is not in the quantity, nor the quality of the music, but it’s all about the appropriate branding and labeling. First of all, don’t name your mixtape series with generic and basic names. Try to be original and creative. Second, try your mixtape series to be connected with your style and views of music. You can create your own visual sign too! Then, when you already establish your own ‘brand’, you focus on the perfect quality.

2. Start your own podcast or a mix show

This is extremely important part of your job as a DJ. In the first step of the ‘journey’ to becoming a DJ, we already mentioned how important it is to launch yourself into the world of podcasts and mix shows. Now, is important not to give up. Try podcasting as much as possible, share live videos from your gigs on facebook, youtube and twitter, use the free hosting sites on the internet such as Buzzsprout,Mixcloud, Podomatic etc. Soon enough you can find yourself getting more optimistic and enthusiastic so your creativity may have its own outburst on some of the mix shows on the podcast apps like iTunes and Stitcher. So, as you can clearly see, you have plenty of opportunities and options. The variety of possibilities makes the whole job lot easier.

3. Release your own music

Always have in mind that your own creations will be valued more than just mixes. Your own creativity will leave a clear sign for you that you are a talented and hardworking person who is serious in his job and knows what is actually doing. The key to success is to create your own tracks as much as possible. Some of those tracks might open the gates to fulfilling your wildest dreams. You can never know. The content in your podcasts should always include your own creations.

4. Put out blogs, vlogs, and other social content

The social media is the best advertising today, especially if you want to represent your skills as a DJ. Create your blog, website, social media content- these things will be your biggest allies in building your way to success. You can try Instagram stories, facebook videos etc. These stories are easy to notice and last for 24 hours. Try to publish at least one story on daily basis from your social network profiles. Your consistency will be rewarded.

Using these methods you will start building your reputation. In some of the next ‘steps’ in your journey, we will focus more on the social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will learn the true importance of advertising and permanent publicity.

Source: DigitalDJTips