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Electronic Music

Today we are all aware that the electronic music genre has become one of the most influential genres in the music industry all over the world. Not to mention, the way electronic music is purchased and streamed, and especially the way how people really enjoy the Dj live sets. Also, this genre comes with its own culture, the culture that’s sweeping the nation!

Electronic Music Fans

Friday, Saturday and even Sunday are the days when electronic music fans live. Literally, they live for the weekends. The great parties and raves are happening on Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday. But, all the fans ask themselves when is it the right time to leave the rave, go home and call it a night or morning? We are suggesting five signs that may help all music lovers:

Five Signs That Show To Leave The Rave

1. When too many bros are taking their shirt off. It’s really awkward being surrounded by half-naked guys on a party in the night so it’s better just to leave.

2.You just realized that the huge line of speed you did was actually ketamine. And, you have been transformed into a huge man crawling around the floor. At that moment, you should definitely keep sliding out the front door.

3.When you are the sober one. Absolutely, it’s weird when you start to think about all those chores for tomorrow morning. So, just leave the party and think about it at home.

4. When one friend started annoying with the question about the after party. And, that one friend always asks: Where is the after party?

5. The DJ left and some intruder is playing EDM
At the end, we are pretty sure that you don’t have the energy to protest against a weak chart mix. You don’t need to listen to a bad music after the Dj had left. Don’t stay at all, just leave at the same time with the Dj, if you see that won’t be a good after.