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If you are thinking of starting a record label or even you have one already, we are suggesting these short, but proven tips that can help inspire you while starting or running your own music

1 – Get Down to Business. Don’t Hesitate

First, you must ask yourself a few simple questions like “Am I really ready?” or “Do I want this for sure?” because doubt is a huge enemy. If you definitely decide to start your own record label, You have to share your ideas with the world without any hesitation. No need to wait for the perfect moment in your life, even if you don’t know how to do it right, just \follow your heart and dreams. SImply, be brave!

2 – Mixing and Mastering

Once you’ve started building a label and already have a label name, some creative ideas, concept, and a good story to tell, the next and the most important thing is the quality of your records. You must control the quality of your records if you want to build a good reputation your label. People will consider you as professional with the music of high-level quality.Try to find a way to test records in a studio with good speakers, in the club, or even in the car and make sure it sounds good everywhere.

3 – Make Your Own Decisions

Your reputation will be destroyed if you release unfinished tracks on SoundCloud or Facebook and spam people too much. Don’t take positive or negative comments too personally. Take your time and listen to people, but seriously listen to them. And on the other side, always, always make your own decisions.

4 – Limited Budget Creative Branding & Design

Branding is like a body. You have to show people an attractive and amazing visualization. Don’t hesitate to give money to a designer but if you don’t have a budget, please, don’t use illegal pictures that are forbidden for commercial use. Be creative, it’s art! Maybe try to send your release to a good young designer and ask him to work with you to increase his or her portfolio. It’s very helpful, you can promote his name and website with your fan base. Definitely, you can pay him in the future, when you will have money for it.

5 – Build a Team And Develop Together

It’s very important to have music videos. If you have quality and good music, and if you have a portfolio already, ask some visual artists if they are interested in cooperation. If your budget is tight, you will prepare a good presentation and let them know what you can offer in return. Feel free to use Behance or Vimeo to find visual artists. Maybe you will be lucky and they will be inspired by your ideas and music of your label, and you will be able to build a beneficial partnership and win awards.

6 – Collaborating With New Producers, Brings New Experience and Promotional Opportunities

Please, don’t be jealous of other artists, they are your colleagues. If you like somebody’s music try to let him know about it. Something can come of it. For example, you might find that other DJ/producer was actually inspired by your label or artists you’ve worked with. But, he or she was too shy or simply busy and wasn’t able to let you know about it. Talk with other artists! Absolutely, it’s a perfect way to find new producers or remix opportunities for your new release.

Starting a record label can be a material benefit (contracts with brands, royalties) and emotional benefit (positive comments from friends or other artists and fame). We suggest you do something good for people around you, something positive for the world through your music and it will return soon. Just don’t stop and keep creating!

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