December 25, 2017 Old School Magazine 0Comment

Everyone who has DJ or producer in their life ask themselves the same question – What a gift can I buy for my producer friend? And, of course, that is a trick question – no DJ and producer ever have it all. There is always more space on producers’ hard drives and studio desks for music-making gizmos, gear or gadgets to distract them, stop producers from finishing music or even inspire their next track.

With all the holidays at this time of the year, we have some interesting last minute gift ideas for DJ or music producer in your life. Luckily for you, music equipment has been so affordable with mini music makers and micromachines in the market over the past few years.

We’re suggesting for every budget so you can put a smile on the face of your favorite producer, and then unfortunately never see them for six months.


Reactable Rotar
It is a modular mini knob that sits on your iPad
It can place them on top the screen and control any parameter underneath
It costs £39


Ever mix
It is a hardware recorder for iOS
It records and uploads your DJ sets directly from your phone
It costs £75


It is a miniature MIDI keyboard controller
It controls any MIDI-compatible software as well as the included Analog Lab
It costs £89
Korg Volca
It is a mini FM synthesizer
It emulates a classic 80s synth as well as creating more out-there effects
It costs £128


Roland’s Boutique range
It is an official remake of the Roland SH-101
It is a perfect for basslines and weighty analog sounds
It costs £345

If you have difficulties with choosing the gift for your DJ or producer in your life, we hope that we help you with our gifts suggestions. Buy one of these gifts and you will definitely make them happy.