December 16, 2017 Old School Magazine 0Comment

“Art is theft” the phrase of well known Pablo Picasso. Nothing is truly original, all ideas coming from something else. Good artists know that all creative work is a result of something that came before.
There is a good and a bad theft. Good theft gets inspiration from few sources and transforms a number of ideas into his own. Bad theft completely imitates one idea and make it his own. We have some advice bellow for DJs to be more creative.

First, you must find out what inspires you and capture it

Music, films, books, photographs, architecture or paintings, all of these can increase your imagination, just find the right one and consume it. Always have a notepad with you and write down ideas of things that have a positive influence on you.

Second, write the sequel!

When you watch or hear something think about for example, how would 2.0 sound like? This can be very helpful. You can come up with new ideas you wouldn’t have thought of before.

Third, step away from the screen…

Get away from the computer, grab a pen and paper and let the magic happen. Sometimes watching a screen all day and tapping keyboards can destroy our creativity.

Fourth, Do some HOUSEWORK!

Your mind is really working when it isn’t focussed on work. You will be surprised how much better ideas will come while you are doing boring house tasks, for example, washing dishes or ironing all the shirts. Go for a really long walk, If you’re struggling with ideas. I guarantee that after the walk, you’ll feel just perfect.

Fifth, Stand next to talent and collaborate

You must be surrounded by talented people. Collaborate with your fellow musicians and learn from everything you do. Follow the best-talented people online, they can really motivate you

Creativity is the power to act.