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has been part of the music scene since 2007. Many artists were having a problem to find their audience, but since Soundcloud has been created it’s really easier for them. Soundcloud is mostly free resource with a wide reach that enables artists sharing their music across all around the world through the internet. Here are a few tips while using Soundcloud:
Actively be part of the new, emerging online scenes. You must take time to comment on tracks and connect with amazing new talent from the internet, it will help build your network. Also, share your Soundcloud content on popular DJs channels as well.
You can try to get followers via social listening platforms like Use follow gates like The Artist Union to increase your social following.
Create short mixes and post them on YouTube, it can be helpful to find new audiences. Although, don’t forget to share your mixes on social media like Twitter and Facebook.
Don’t be satisfied only with having followings. Show your presence in different places, like getting their email addresses so you can send newsletters about your new music. If you’re always present, people know that they can discover new artists through you.
The music scene is small, so it’s best to help to your fellow artists. Direct people to them when it’s needed.
Being productive and consistent helps to build an image of a hardworking artist who always tries to make good music.