December 15, 2017 Old School Magazine 0Comment

How to build your DJ/Producer Team

People think that being a DJ/producer is a one-person act and artists do almost everything by themselves. If you want to be a successful DJ/producer you must build a team that may include a whole team, each handling their part, a few key people or only one person. The artist’s team should have the following people or at least their functions are taken care of one person:

The Manager

The key person that every artist should have and maybe the most important member of the team is the manager. Managers have few important functions such as setting up tours or shows, negotiating with record labels, handling merchandising, and many more. Let’s be honest, the manager helps the DJ and producer earn as an artist.

The Agent

The agent represents the DJ’s booking interests and finding the right agent is essential. The agent takes care that the artist is being booked for the right price, at the right time and at the right venue. The agent’s role is crucial to having the right connection with the right venues and securing the right bookings to raise the DJ’s career in ways that the DJ cannot do himself.

The Publicist

The publicist helps promote the artist, his accomplishments, his music, and more. Through securing interviews, sending press releases, forming relationships with the press, the publicist keeps everyone updated on the latest gigs and releases. You can hire freelance publicists, as well as PR agencies.

The Social Media Manager

Social media is key in today’s world and not everyone understands it how to use it their advantage. While some bigger DJs have full control of their social media, it’s important to have a clear strategy to achieve on socials. Having a social media manager can really make the difference in taking a DJ’s or producer’s career to the next level.

The Intern

Some artists fail to realize that they could be using interns for work. Think about it, an intern can help you with social media, merchandise, sending out demos or press releases, carrying live audio equipment, etc.

The Co-Producer

Many artists have told that having a fellow producer to work on tracks with a helped launch or boost their career, regardless of whether it was the track they worked together that was the key to their success. The reason for this is that being able to collaborate with someone in the studio can be the perfect exchanging of ideas that help learning new skills in the studio, come up with new artistic visions for tracks and more.

The Lawyer

The DJ industry involves legal matters like contracts. It is best for the artist to get the services of a lawyer who is knowledgeable in crafting such documents in a legal and proper way that benefits the artist’s welfare.