December 14, 2017 Old School Magazine 0Comment

Artists usually don’t use email marketing, maybe because it is a business promotion tool. Actually, the fact is that musicians constantly practicing a form of marketing in many ways. They try to market themselves and stay connected with existing and new fans, to inform them about events and new music.

Email marketing is something that even musicians will find useful in the electronic music world. The good thing about email marketing is that it can be made to suit the different needs of any individual or business. If artists want to succeed in email marketing efforts, they must know these tips and be able to use them.


The most important step in email marketing is building your audience, you must know your fans and write to them.


It’s good to use actionable language that will make your fans do something you want them to do in a simple way. Just write “click here to watch” or ask them to find something in the video or photo you share and post their answers.


Don’t waste time, just stick to the topic or message you wish to present. It is important to get straight to the point. Remember that your fans don’t like to waste time on emails that do not seem to go anywhere with its message.


Try to add your own personal touch by having a professional and consistent message. Reach your fans in a fun and informative manner.


Please, avoid imitating others and try to be original.


You can make your emails a rewarding experience for the fans. The rewards don’t have to be anything monetary or tangible. What is important is that it is something that your fans will appreciate it.
If you don’t have experience doing marketing, sending such emails can require a bit of a learning process. Don’t be afraid to try and feel free to experiment and see what works best for you and your fans.