December 14, 2017 Old School Magazine 0Comment

6 positive things about electronic music producer

If someone asks you “what is your job” and you say “I’m an electronic music producer “, they’ll probably assume that that’s an easy or even a boring job.
Here are 6 things you can say to them to change their mind. They might not understand you, but they’ll be impressed:

Everything is on you
Yes, you’re the person who designs the sounds, composes the music, arranges the song, then mixes it down!
Listening to music becomes something else.
As a producer, you enjoy and respect music more. Even if that’s not your type of music, you’ll notice all the effort the producer took and automatically the song will become better for you.
You can become famous and make a lot of money
Even If you fail as a DJ, you can still make money with your knowledge of music working with: audio editing work, teach production, work with film composition and sound design
Your knowledge becomes extensive
Learning electronic music production requires a broad range of knowledge and is so rewarding. You will know synthesis to tweak sounds to your liking, composition to write good music, and mixing to polish your masterpiece. (that’ll make you such an interesting person)
Hearing your music in a club is amazing
Watching everyone dancing and having fun…on your music…It’s a dream come true.
The community is great
You will meet a lot of smart, interesting, fun and always be welcoming, willing to help you and supportive people.