December 12, 2017 Old School Magazine 0Comment

Vinyl Reality

You will be definitely interested in ”EntroPi Games” (The German software maker) new application Vinyl Reality if you’re still trying to buy Technics turntable that came out this year that has “affordable” price.
In the first place, world’s first DJ mixing application has been released by German virtuality reality company. Significantly, realistic vinyl mixing in the VR digital realm with two VR controllers and a VR headset is enabled with this incredible VINYL MIXING APP.
As a matter of fact, the company talked with few professional DJs to maximise the accuracy of the software. DJs that use this app are able to manipulate a two-channel mixer with EQs PLF and gains, and two turntables. Also, there is a virtual record box you can flick through to make selections. Although, recording and exporting mixes are allowed. You can even live stream performances.

Unfortunately, Vinyl Reality is currently only available on Microsoft Windows.

Features of the software are:
1. Fully-featured two-channel DJ mixer with per channel EQ, PFL, and gain
2. Two accurately modeled turntables with realistic behavior
3. Record case to browse and load your own audio tracks
4. Unique virtual headphones system to preview cued channels
5. Separate audio output for live streams or performances
6. Accurate and intuitive motion controls
7. Record and export your mixes to WAV files

Important to say is that Vinyl Reality is available now on early access at the price of £9.68 via Steam. Also, you can watch the trailer for Vinyl Reality that was shared by German software maker ”EntroPi Games”. Check out the promotional video:

As a conclusion of all this, we would say that our world slowly but sure has become a more virtual, than realistic. Surprisingly, even the application for Vinyl Reality was created. In general, we hope that DJs like this app. But, our opinion is that Old School is always better. And, what do you think, what will be next in the virtual world?