6 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Electronic Music Industry

If you are an artist there is a possibility your work to bring negative influence on your health. We have 6 tips that will help you to be healthy in so “unhealthy” world:

1 – Exercise regularly

Be aware that if you want to keep the body in good shape then you must exercise. But, almost everybody thinks that exercise means going to the gym and just build muscles. And, going to the gym is great to keep oneself fit, but it’s not the only way. Especially if you don’t have the time to go to the gym on a regular basis, it is enough to do simple exercise routines. For example, you can exercise at home something like sit-ups, or push-ups, stretching, as well as brisk walking or jogging.

2 – Hydrate regularly

Remember this: Every person needs to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day! Next thing you should know that drinking lots of water not only helps to keep your body’s water needs in order. Also, it can be very helpful for fevers, hangover and cleaning your body from toxins.

3 – Eat smart

Definitely, it’s not wrong to eat any food that you may like. Just keep in mind the food that we eat and if we consume too much of unhealthy food it may not be very helpful for the body. So feel free to eat sweets or snacks but in moderation. At the same time, try to eat more healthy foods like vegetables and fruits which supply you of the needed nutrients that make you more healthy.

4 – Get enough rest

Rest is something that is hard to come by, especially for artists who have packed schedules from producing music to gigs happening almost every week, if not almost every day. Still, it’s important to find time to get some good rest. Rest absolutely helps your body to recharge and get the work done.

5 – Wear smart

Just, for instance, you need to wear thick coats during winter helps prevent from getting a fever or, colds. Of course, comfort is a primary consideration when it comes to clothing, so make sure you wear something comfortable for you while being protected as well. Keep warm and stay healthy.

6 – Stay connected

Being on tour in a different place can be a factor to depression and possible health issues. Also, take time to know better the people you meet in the different places and connect with them. They may help you down the road.



The best 5 strategies to help you out in your Facebook page engagement

How to Boost Your Facebook Artist Page? Facebook pages are essentially social media tools for any artist to do better and their fans to reach more listeners and appreciators.
The best way that you can make the Facebook page better is more than just posting. So here you can find the best 5 strategies:

1. Showcase your personality

Even on a platform like Facebook, the most important is the personal touch on the artist, because, the artist knows what fans want and what they expect, also that is a good way to the artist and this creates deeper connections that make an artist be more reliable to the audience.
The artist must find the way to talk to the audience with own voice and to expressions own personality. To be yourself is better than to sound “artificial.”

2. Ask questions

Get feedback from your audience. If you ask a question, you force people to answer.
With that, you get the audience to tell what they know, want and what they want to see from the artists. Like that the artist will show them what they asked.

3. Share engaging media

The best way to express yourself in social media is to post photos and video. In past months, a better way and the more powerful tool are posting videos.

4. Use fan content

Also, focus on fans, and make them be in the spotlight once in a while. The artist needed to show to the fans that he/she is thankful for the support.
Next time when you take a video, say something for them and make a lot of thanks. These little things will help to make connections and strengthen them as well.

5. Create a community and be a part of other communities

A goldmine you can tell for Facebook groups. So make one, post there, make the audience to be in one place and let fans to interact the most, especially those who are passionate about the topic.



Google Knowledge Graphs

Many musicians and bands have a panel dedicated to their music on the right-hand side of the result page on Google. Probably, you have noticed this when you have searched your favorite musicians and bands. And this panel has a name, it’s called Google Knowledge Graph.

Google Knowledge Graphs (also known as Google Knowledge Panels) are filled with all the essential stuff you want your fans to see, including biography, tour dates, songs, albums, images, or social profiles. Absolutely, these Google Knowledge Panels are a great way to help new listeners get to know this essential stuff about you and your music. And now, you probably want one. We will try to explain how to get your Google Graph if you already don’t have one.

First, you should know that Google will decide for itself how to display your panel. Just, you will need to make sure that all the information can be accessed as it will be needed. And, this is the reason why you will need to use some SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

Also, you should be aware that getting Google Knowledge Panel it really depends on how well-known you are within the music world. Although, let’s look at some of the steps you can take to have the success with it.

Set up your Google Accounts

The most obvious way to make sure Google knows who you are is to tell them directly via your Google accounts. It’s very easy to set up your Google Accounts, but these methods alone won’t guarantee a panel. On the other side, they’re definitely a good place to start…

Log in to your Google account or create a new one

The second thing to do is just to stay logged in to the same Google Account as you complete the rest of the steps.

Create & edit a Google Brand account

By creating a Google Brand account, you’re literally letting Google know you exist and that you are a musician or a band. Next thing you should do is to edit and manage your brand account so it contains all the essential stuff about you and your music. The info such as links to your social media profiles, website, and much more information you can add.

Get your music on Google Play

The best idea is to upload your music to Google Play. And, there is no real evidence to suggest that getting your tracks on Google’s music streaming platform is required for the purpose of Google Knowledge Panel. But there is no harm in doing it anyway. It can definitely help your chances.

Through hard work and just being positive is the way you will be successful in your music world. Hope we motivate you!

5 Signs It’s Time To Leave the Rave

Electronic Music

Today we are all aware that the electronic music genre has become one of the most influential genres in the music industry all over the world. Not to mention, the way electronic music is purchased and streamed, and especially the way how people really enjoy the Dj live sets. Also, this genre comes with its own culture, the culture that’s sweeping the nation!

Electronic Music Fans

Friday, Saturday and even Sunday are the days when electronic music fans live. Literally, they live for the weekends. The great parties and raves are happening on Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday. But, all the fans ask themselves when is it the right time to leave the rave, go home and call it a night or morning? We are suggesting five signs that may help all music lovers:

Five Signs That Show To Leave The Rave

1. When too many bros are taking their shirt off. It’s really awkward being surrounded by half-naked guys on a party in the night so it’s better just to leave.

2.You just realized that the huge line of speed you did was actually ketamine. And, you have been transformed into a huge man crawling around the floor. At that moment, you should definitely keep sliding out the front door.

3.When you are the sober one. Absolutely, it’s weird when you start to think about all those chores for tomorrow morning. So, just leave the party and think about it at home.

4. When one friend started annoying with the question about the after party. And, that one friend always asks: Where is the after party?

5. The DJ left and some intruder is playing EDM
At the end, we are pretty sure that you don’t have the energy to protest against a weak chart mix. You don’t need to listen to a bad music after the Dj had left. Don’t stay at all, just leave at the same time with the Dj, if you see that won’t be a good after.



Back in 1995, based in De Balie at night special shows in three venues: Club Escape, Paradiso, and Melkweg, ADE was started as a three-day conference. As a matter of fact, ADE was attended by 300 delegates with thirty DJs performing.

Different from back then, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) today is a five-day electronic music festival and conference in mid-October. And, Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation has organized the event. In fact, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the world’s leading event for electronic music.

2018 DATES

Must be remembered that Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has announced the dates of the 23rd edition. It will be from the 17th to 21st of October, 2018. Also, on the 23rd edition will be expected around 400,000 international and national visitors.

2018 will be a year where will be many activities focused on South Korea during ADE. Director Richard Zijlma made a statement: “The South Korean electronic music scene is growing rapidly, thanks to technological innovation and smart crossovers. During ADE we will focus on the very best the country has to offer across a wide range of festival and conference events.”

In general, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the largest club-based festival and conference for electronic music in the world. Significantly, the event is growing every year. And, last year’s edition performed over 2,500 artists and there were 550 speakers in a record-breaking 160 venues. Also, the event had visitors from over 90 countries worldwide.

On the positive side, the organizers will grow the day and nighttime activities once again in 2018 edition. That will be by adding new pavilions focused on countries and through established partnerships with cultural institutions.

The complete program for the day and night shows will be announced over the next months. For more information about ADE, check the official link to the festival above: https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/

Tools All-Independent Artists Should Use

The internet has a lot of free tools that independent artists can use. Especially ones that don’t have help from entire crew or don’t have a budget at all. We suggest a list of tools that all independent artists should use!

Tools to Get to Know Your Fans

It’s very important for you as an artist to know your audience. And, these are tools that can help you achieve that:
Next Big Sound: The tool that can help you find your audience so you can focus on creating your new music. Also, with Next Big Sound, you can get insights for free.
Spotify for Artists: If you’re trying to make it in the streaming world, you should dive into this huge tool. Absolutely, Spotify for Artists can be very helpful to you, for learning more about your listeners and booking future gigs.
Pandora AMP: Pandora’s platform is definitely a free resource for musicians to promote and sell their releases. Additionally, Pandora is a big opportunity for musicians and artists that allows knowing where your audience is coming from and be able to engage with your listeners.

Music Blogs That Want to Help You

StoryAMP: You can spread your story with this platform. It can help you to connect with many journalists.
Electronic Musician: Here you can find all aspects of music production: from studio to stage, performance, recording, and technology.
Noiseporn: This blog will provide you with a 100% guarantee that your track will be listened to, critiqued, and considered for support on their website, for $50 per submission. Not only is worth it to pay, but this will give your track exposure to major record labels, music fans, and producers. As a matter of fact, you can also receive a refund for your purchase.

Create Your Own Website

Furthermore, having a website is crucial in today’s digital world. It is a helpful tool that can use it to connect with fans, sell merch, host all of your music, share photos from past gigs, and promotion. These are some website builder tools: Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

Design Tools for Flyers or Cover Art

You’re very excited about releasing your new track but you forgot to include a cover in your budget. Don’t worry. These tools, Canva and the Promo Republic have templates that can help you out and some are even free to use.
If you haven’t tried any of these tools, definitely you should. All of the above is worth trying it.

Being Self-Disciplined as an Electronic Music Artist

Most of the people would say that the life of an electronic music artist is very easy because it’s all about glamour and fun. But that’s only from outside, a real and dedicated electronic artist is more concerned about manufacturing the beautiful rhythms and the right sounds. Their attention is definitely not to the tempting environments that are often part of. We all need to be aware that beyond the stage or club, music artists have realistic goals to meet and serious issues to think about.

Self-Disciplining for the Electronic Artist

We suggest a few steps that can help an electronic music artist to maintain discipline in their life:

Creating a Balance

The most important thing in any kind of career is the balance between professional and personal life. But in this kind of profession, there are distractions like late nights and alcohol, even drugs. Absolutely, you need to balance what is healthy and in what amount. And, don’t let the personal life temptations follow into your professional life and vice versa.

Give Your Music Preference

Music is your passion, talent, and art. It’s normal to feel the need to be well-accepted in the music industry. It’s important never to forget that the way to that goal is through your music. Fame won’t come if you don’t focus on the music first. Even if you achieve your goal, you can lose it but your passion will stay. Definitely, your music should be the first priority always.

Sink or Swim

The music industries temptations can be really hard. And, the best way to stay on track is being disciplined! You need to take actions and force the situations where you will be disciplined. Just, never tip to the less healthy side because unfortunately, you may sink.

As a music artist always keep your inspirations alive and look up to those who are better than you and keep their company.